Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Congratulations to Soul Patrol!!

Congratulations to Soul Patrol, Taylor Hicks for winning this year's American Idol. My prediction is right and he deserves the crown. Even though Katharine failed to win, but she should be proud of what she did so far in the competition. Anyway, i wish Taylor good luck for his first album since he won. This is the list of winners of American Idol:
American Idol 1 - Kelly Clarkson
American Idol 2 - Ruben Studdard
American Idol 3 - Fantasia Barrino
American Idol 4 - Carrie Underwood
American Idol 5 - Taylor Hicks

Now, I am looking forward to One In A Million which will be on air on 8TV this friday.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

UEFA CL final: Barcelona 2 Arsenal 1

This is the final of UEFA Champions League between two of my favourite european club team, Barcelona and Arsenal. But i support Arsenal because i am more big fan of it than Barcelona. After i watch the full time result, it was the big dissapointment as Arsenal lost 2-1 to Barcelona. The goal from Arsenal is Sol Campell in the first half while the goal from Barcelona is Samuel Eto'o and Juliano Belletti in the last 15 minutes during second half. There are 2 reasons why Arsenal lose the game. First reason is that Jens Lehmann sent off after he tackles Samuel Etoo outside the box. The referee should allowed the goal from Guily to give Barcelona 1-0 lead and give Lehmann a yellow card. But unfortunately he is too hasty as he declared the goal is offside and give Lehmann a red card. That's the end of first half. The second reason of Arsenal loss is that Samuel Eto'o's goal should be offside, but the linesman just didn't put up the flag allowed the Samuel score the equaliser. That's the end of second half. Overall, I have to praised the Arsenal players because even they have 10 man, they are determined to fight until the end against 11 man Barcelona. Congratulations, Barcelona. I hope Thierry Henry will still remain at the Arsenal even Arsenal loss. Thierry Henry should know that Arsenal fans, teammates and even manager want him to stay. So Henry, please think about it before you make a good decision.

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Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is sent off for fouling Samuel Eto'o

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Thierry Henry and manager Arsene Wenger looks dejected after their team loss

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Barcelona wins the UEFA Champions League trophy


Congratulations to the final 2 of American Idol 5, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks after Elliot Yamin was eliminated in the top 3. Next week it will be the great battle finale between these two contestants. In my opinion, I know it's hard to say who is the winner because they both have great vocals. But I think Taylor Hicks is going to win this season's American Idol because many fans don't want girls to win the idols every year. It is time for the man to regain the title this year since Ruben Studdard won the AI2 title in 2003. Anyhow, I wish both of them good luck in the grand finale next week.

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Katharine McPhee

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Taylor Hicks

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

To me, Mother's day have been very special for me because my mother have been take care of me since i was born. So last night, after i came back from sports activites at Shah Alam Club, my family went to one of my mother's favourite restaurant, Esquire Kitchen for dinner at IOI Mall. So, I will let my mother decide which food she want to order. So she order hainan chicken rice because she heard that food is very popular in that restaurant. After i enjoyed the meal, all the food and drink cost about RM45.00. So i and my sister pay together RM40 for the while and my father pay RM5. This is the first time that i invite my mother in mother's day and i am so grateful to have such a wonderful mum. Happy mother's day, mommy!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Farewell to Highbury Stadium (1913-2006)

Today is the day that Arsenal play their last match against Wigan in Premiership at one of my favourite stadium, Highbury Stadium. Even though the field at Highbury Stadium looks very small, but i am still very like it because that stadium looks like indoor futsal and very confortable to play ball (based on its field size). I missed Highbury a lot and looking forward to new Emirates Stadium at Ashburton Grove. Goodbye, Highbury!!

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Highbury Stadium (Old Arsenal Stadium)

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Emirates Stadium (New Arsenal Stadium)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My birthday karaoke party at The Curve

On Saturday morning, I went to karaoke redbox at The Curve for my 21st birthday party. I supposed to invite all jacsville forumers to attend my birthday party, but only three forumers came. The three forumers are Josephine, Uncle Milo, and Leon. Revo used to want to come but unfortunately he was having undang test on the same day, so he was replaced by my friend, Dennis Chua. The karaoke room was booked under the name of Jospehine. So at the karaoke room, i saw a lot of english, malay, and chinese songs in the karaoke song list. Even my favourite band, Linkin Park, Eminem, and Limp Bizkit also included under english song. This is second time I sang karaoke since 13 years old when i sang chinese farewell song during my primary school in karaoke at my cousin's birthday restaurant. I sang more than 10 songs in karaoke. Wow, my voice is not very clear when i sing. Hehehe....but i am still enjoy it. After that, we had lunch and having my birthday cake finally. We really enjoy eat the chocolate cheese cake that i bought. Before the karaoke finished, Josephine has giving me chocolate for my birthday present. Thanks, dear and i appericiate what you give to me. Finally at 2, i went back home in Puchong. Feel very tired and look forward for another karaoke gathering.

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Uncle Milo is singing God Bless You.....You Make Me Feel Brand New..........

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Me and Cinderella or Josephine singing Eternal Flame

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Me cutting the birthday cake. What a nice birthday party. Thanks, Jo Jie Jie for my wonderful birthday party. You rock, baby!!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mike Chin = 21!

It's my 21st birthday today. It seems that my teenage age is over and i am now an adult. Wish that my dreams always comes true.