Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fans remember Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit and his family death is such a great loss and one of the most shocking tragedy ever in WWE. Since he and his family death, a lot of his fans around the world are very emotional and couldn't accept that kind of incident. I have interview some of my friends and classmates who are the biggest fans of WWE since they were young.

The first person I interview is my former APIIT classmate and friend from Nigeria, Taylor Bobby is a biggest fan of WWE since he was young. During the interview, He said that he was very sad and couldn't believe what happened to Chris Benoit and his entire family last monday. "I am very sad and shocked about what happened to Chris Benoit and his family and he always truly be missed and remembered as the most technical wrestler in the WWE." He also said the greatest moment that he ever watch Chris Benoit wrestling on TV was Chris Benoit won the world heavyweight championship against Triple H and Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XX in 2004.

The next person I interview is Aaron Kee who had been huge fan of WWE for a long time. He said he was very shocked when he know that tragedy through the website. "I feel sad for Chris and his family. We have lost such a good wrestler in the WWE. May he and his family rest in peace." He also said that personal problems should be solved with in the correct way and murder suicide is definitely the wrong way."As a human, we must appreciate the human life that God has given to us." Ask about his opinion about Chris Benoit about his wrestling performance, Aaron said he has watched Chris wrestle many years already and found out that he always have great determination to battle any opponents in his every single match. "I feel that Chris is indeed a very good wrestler. Perhaps he should enter into the hall of fame. He has powerful moves such as the cross face. With the cross face, almost everyone will tap out. Also he rarely gives up, and fight with every ounce of his strength. Its great he has won many awards." On the final question that ask about his greatest moments for Chris Benoit that he have ever seen on TV, Aaron said that the greatest moments for Chris is that wrestling with Eddie Guerrero. " Its indeed sad to see talented wrestlers like Eddie and Chris go away."

The final person I interview is Andrew who also biggest WWE fan. He said he feel sorry for what Chris did to his family and himself. "I am very sympathy to Chris that waste his own life as well as his own family. It's a big tragedy." Andrew also said: "Maybe Chris use drugs or too much alcoholic that make himself that couldn't control himself and anger to kill his own wife and son before kill himself." Asked about his opinion about Chris Benoit based on his wrestling performances, he said even though Chris having some drug or did something bad to his own family, Chris is still a legend as he defeated so many great superstars over the years. Asked about his first get to know Chris Benoit on TV, Andrew said: "I still remember years ago that he feud with rivals Chris Jericho, that's I started to know Chris Benoit." On the final question that ask about his greatest moments for Chris Benoit that he have ever seen on TV, Andrew said: "It was when Chris win championship belt and defend it and mostly U.S Championship. Besides, Chris Benoit also copy Eddie's 3 amigos that tribute to late Eddie Guerrero in some matches.

Ok, that's all for the interview with my friends so far. What I hope for WWE is there is no more good wrestler died and it is important for all wrestler not to use drugs, because it harms to themselves. Out.


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