Friday, May 11, 2007

Lucky escape

During the evening, I was driving home from college. When i have to drive on the emergency lane when i saw the lorry drove slower on the front road, suddenly I saw 2 policemen on the other lane next to my car trying to stop me and I stopped my car in the emergency lane. Not only that, I also realise that i forgot to put the safety belt while i drive. I am so worried because i know the summons will be quite high if i break 2 things i should follow. At first, the police used to summon me RM300 for drive in the emergency lance, and RM70 for not wearing safety belt. So all together RM370. But since they both know that i am just a college student, they give me another chance for not to summon me and tell me how much i able to pay to them. So I give only RM30 and they accepted. After I paid RM30, they advice me not to do that again. And I really thank for them give me another chance and understand my situation. I was very lucky and promise not to break the road law for my entire life.


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