Monday, January 01, 2007

My New Year 2007 Resolution

It's time to say goodbye to 2006 and look forward to the brand new year 2007. To me, the year 2006 sure has good and bad memories in my mind. So hope the year 2007 will bring more and more good memories than 2006. Here are the list of my 2007 new year resolution:-

1) Visit my old primary school (It's been 10 years i left that school, hope can meet my former form teacher and to see how's the school environment changes in 10 years.)

2) Get to know more new friends to increase my friendship with outside world

3) Save more money and work part time to earn more money to buy whatever i want

4) Go to gym all the time to make my muscle and body stronger

5) Meet all my favourite celebrities that i never met no matter local or international

6) Pass all my college exam results with flying colours in Level 2 degree course

7) Learn to cool down when i have to deal with my problems

8) I want world to be peace and harmony, and no war

9) Expand more knowledge about IT

10) Try to improve my voice skills when i want to sing

11) Hope my favourite soccer club, Arsenal wins UEFA Champions League no matter how tough the standard of the competition...haha....

Ok, so that's all about my new year resolution. Wish everyone Happy New Year 2007!!!


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