Monday, October 16, 2006

Farahnatics Buka Puasa Gathering at Seoul Bulgogi

Last night was the greatest and best ever farahnatics puasa gathering at Seoul Bulgogi in Kerinchi Station to mark the 1st anniversary but just one day different. This is also mark the very first time i attend that farahnatics puasa gathering in the same restaurant because last year i was not there for the gathering. During the dinner gathering, I have so much fun chatted with the farahnatics forumers while eating and really enjoy the korean food steamboat with some hot and spicy. Those who got attend the gathering besides me are Chris, Leon, Aris, Ulee, Iskandar, Faris, Myn, Jill, Ahuey, Farah, Zai, Safarina, and MXV. After the dinner and also took some farahnatics family photo, each member of farahnatics have to pay RM40 for each food that we took. expensive. What to do? Same like last year gathering. When we came out from restaurant after the payment, that time was 10 something. So we play around with the cameras and crack jokes around. We always share the laugh and joy for fun together. At 11, we all return back home because feel very tired for playing around but overall this is one of my best night that i will never forget.

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Farahnatics family gathering at Seoul Bulgogi


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