Sunday, July 23, 2006

Visit Kak Ozie at Uncle Chilli's restaurant

Last night, i went to Uncle Chilli's restaurant at PJ Hilton to see Kak Ozie and other Take 5 band mates performing after i have finished my final exam on friday. As all of you doesn't know who is her, she was the one of the OIAM contestant and only make it to top 40. She has a great voice when i saw her sing, but unfortunately the judges didn't choose her for the top 20 because of her old age. She has been with her band for 13 years. Wow, that means she has performed more longer than Jac. The Coca Cola drink that i ordered is quite expensive as it cost about RM23.00. Luckilly, Kak Ozie has belanja me for that drink. Thanks, Kak Ozie. I went back home about nearly 12 midnight when she take a short break from performing. I wish i can meet her again one day and really enjoy her performances.

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Me with Kak Ozie


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