Thursday, May 18, 2006

UEFA CL final: Barcelona 2 Arsenal 1

This is the final of UEFA Champions League between two of my favourite european club team, Barcelona and Arsenal. But i support Arsenal because i am more big fan of it than Barcelona. After i watch the full time result, it was the big dissapointment as Arsenal lost 2-1 to Barcelona. The goal from Arsenal is Sol Campell in the first half while the goal from Barcelona is Samuel Eto'o and Juliano Belletti in the last 15 minutes during second half. There are 2 reasons why Arsenal lose the game. First reason is that Jens Lehmann sent off after he tackles Samuel Etoo outside the box. The referee should allowed the goal from Guily to give Barcelona 1-0 lead and give Lehmann a yellow card. But unfortunately he is too hasty as he declared the goal is offside and give Lehmann a red card. That's the end of first half. The second reason of Arsenal loss is that Samuel Eto'o's goal should be offside, but the linesman just didn't put up the flag allowed the Samuel score the equaliser. That's the end of second half. Overall, I have to praised the Arsenal players because even they have 10 man, they are determined to fight until the end against 11 man Barcelona. Congratulations, Barcelona. I hope Thierry Henry will still remain at the Arsenal even Arsenal loss. Thierry Henry should know that Arsenal fans, teammates and even manager want him to stay. So Henry, please think about it before you make a good decision.

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Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is sent off for fouling Samuel Eto'o

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Thierry Henry and manager Arsene Wenger looks dejected after their team loss

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Barcelona wins the UEFA Champions League trophy


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