Saturday, May 06, 2006

My birthday karaoke party at The Curve

On Saturday morning, I went to karaoke redbox at The Curve for my 21st birthday party. I supposed to invite all jacsville forumers to attend my birthday party, but only three forumers came. The three forumers are Josephine, Uncle Milo, and Leon. Revo used to want to come but unfortunately he was having undang test on the same day, so he was replaced by my friend, Dennis Chua. The karaoke room was booked under the name of Jospehine. So at the karaoke room, i saw a lot of english, malay, and chinese songs in the karaoke song list. Even my favourite band, Linkin Park, Eminem, and Limp Bizkit also included under english song. This is second time I sang karaoke since 13 years old when i sang chinese farewell song during my primary school in karaoke at my cousin's birthday restaurant. I sang more than 10 songs in karaoke. Wow, my voice is not very clear when i sing. Hehehe....but i am still enjoy it. After that, we had lunch and having my birthday cake finally. We really enjoy eat the chocolate cheese cake that i bought. Before the karaoke finished, Josephine has giving me chocolate for my birthday present. Thanks, dear and i appericiate what you give to me. Finally at 2, i went back home in Puchong. Feel very tired and look forward for another karaoke gathering.

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Uncle Milo is singing God Bless You.....You Make Me Feel Brand New..........

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Me and Cinderella or Josephine singing Eternal Flame

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Me cutting the birthday cake. What a nice birthday party. Thanks, Jo Jie Jie for my wonderful birthday party. You rock, baby!!!!


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