Friday, December 30, 2005

KLCC Mini Concert

I was very dissapointed as i was late and missed Kak Fa's performance on stage. By right, I supposed to arrived at KLCC Park at 5:45 pm but i arrived there about 6:05 pm because of the heavy rain and traffic jam in that town area. That's why i feel upset and regret that i supposed to come earlier as possible. In fact, I have no choice but have to contact her because it will be waste if I failed to meet Kak Farah tonight. When i asked her where is she now and she told me that she was in food court at KLCC with her fans. So i feel very relief and i rushed to KLCC as soon as possible. When i arrived at food court, i saw Ostro, Evon, Priest, Leon, Aris, Myn, Ulee, Kak Fa, and Mandy in the gathering. During the gathering, we just chit chat while eating as usual. We really enjoy ourselves very much to chat each other and take some photos. Finally, after the gathering, I went home about 8:30 pm. Apologise to Kak Fa if i missed her performance on stage but i have a lots of fun in the gathering. Ok, that's my final post of 2005, so happy new year 2006 to all readers and goodbye 2005.

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Me with Kak Farah

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Myn or known as Fareesya looks cute of her smiling while listening to mp3 with Priest


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