Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kak Farah's Hari Raya Open House

It was a heavy rainy Thursday evening, but it doesn't stop me and my friend, Dennis Chua to go to Kak Farah Z's open house which is in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. To be invited to Kak Farah's house was something that I want to enjoy myself with her family and friends. We arrived there about slightly 8pm with taxi from Mid Valley Megamall. When we arrived, the most surprise is that not only the Farahnatics attend the open house, but there were the other idols from both season 1 and 2, as well as some guests from Bintang RTM, Mentor, and Akademi Fantasia. There was Fareesya and Kak Jihan, as well as Kak Farah's parents too. It was a very great and warm atmosphere, and the food was great especially satay and rendang. I enjoyed that food so much. Then the delicious chocolate birthday cake come out and everyone singing birthday song to Kak Farah. Kak Farah was very happy and all smiles about the birthday celebration. We had so much chit chat with some other idols , while Kak Farah was busy welcoming some guests. After 10 something, Dennis and I have to rushed back home because I got morning class on tomorrow morning. I wish i can stay until 12, but i had no choice and have to sleep early for class. What a nice open house, thanks Kak Farah. You are simply the best that you invited me and i appericiated it. I wish i will get to meet you and your family again in another functions. Well done.

Image hosted by
The idols from Season 1 and 2

Image hosted by
From left: Kak Rydee, Me, and Kak Sufiah

Image hosted by
Me with Kak Atillia

Image hosted by
Me with Fareesya, Kak Farah's younger sister

Image hosted by
Me with Abang Zamil

Image hosted by
Me with Ash

Image hosted by
Me with Dina

Image hosted by
Kak Farah (in blue) is blewing the candles of birthday cake which hold by priest

Image hosted by
Me with Aunty Fawziah, Kak Farah's mother

Image hosted by
Me with Kak Farah Z

Image hosted by
Me with Jac


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