Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sad day for me at 8TV Birthday Bash

Today is the worst day of 2006 for me at 1U for the event of 8TV birthday bash as i lost my mobile phone in the taxi. I left it. Sigh. I know it is too late for me to take back that mobile phone. Feel very sad. For the temporary, I used my father's old mobile phone is Nokia 3310. I will try my best to save more money as i can to buy the new phone. This is the lesson for me that should not left my belongings in the taxi. Ok, now i want to talk about who i met in 1u. Well, I have met some 8TV personalities include Rina, and Edleen Ismail as well as Paul Moss, Ahmad Idzam Omar, and Malaysian Idol artistes. What an evening for me. I think this is the last time i see the idols perform and i will not going anywhere becuase i need to save more money and concentrate on my studies. I will be back after August and September. Overall, I would like to say that i want to thanks to the idols that have a wonderful time with me since 2004 and hope i will see them again one day. All the best in their career.

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Me with Edleen Ismail


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