Saturday, October 28, 2006

Supersukis Second Committee Member Meeting

It was the great night yesterday as i was invited to attend the supersukis second commitee member meeting that held in the popular Kah So Restaurant in Bukit Bintang for dinner where a lot of HK celebrities came there for eat years ago. Those who attend the meeting besides me were Uncle Milo, Aunty Wendy, Revo, Alex, Aileen, Alicia, Justice, Darren, EngYew, and the guest Suki as well as her friend. During the meeting, we start off with the design of the t-shirt, and then the suki official website, followed by the suki fan gathering that was her birthday bash after her SPM. Suki's official website is in process by Chris and Revo, while about the birthday bash, Suki has decided to choose the date on December 10 for her birthday bash that will be held on afternoon at Royale Bintang, Damansara. Hehehe.....really look forward to it. After the meeting as well as dinner finish, there will be photo and autograph session. Thanks for the autograph from Suki and also photo as well. I really like it so much. So after that, Alicia fetch me home as usual and i feel tired because the meeting held so long because of Justice's "ceramah" but it's all right. At least, we got to learn something new from him on how to make the fan club successful. Here is the photos during the meeting.

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Supersukis family photo after the meeting

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The cutest way Suki pose herself

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Me with Suki


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