Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy 28th Birthday to Jaclyn Victor

Today is the Jac's 28th birthday. Before i start write, I wish happy 28th birthday to you, Jac! So went to Kepong Carefour to celebrate the birthday with her. I went there by KTM Komuter because not familliar with the roads in Kepong by car. As usual, she entertain the crowd until the end of the show. During the end of the show, there is the birthday celebration going on for her. Many of us sang birthday song for her as well as some of the forumers include me give her big flowers and birthday present during her autograph session. After that, I left the place with the forumers and went to mamak shop that located next to it for supper. During the mamak session, as usual i chit chat with them for a while until 10 something, i have to rush home because of the KTM train would be closed soon. What a great holiday night since the end of my college exam and looking forward for more other events.

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Jac with the host during the end of the event

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Jacsville family photo

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Me with Jac


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