Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007

Last Sunday, the Chinese New Year marks the start of year of the boar. This is something i really looking forward to. First, i am going to start with the Chinese New Year eve. During that day afternoon, i have to help my mother to do konyaku which is something like jelly or aga-aga as well as fried sea weed with spring roll. Then at night, members of the family and relatives, near and far will gather in somebody's place have dinner together and get together for celebration called Tuan Yuan Fan. On the next day morning represents the new year to all of us, we changes our new clothes and get ready to go to my father's relatives house for visiting (bai nin) as well as received more red packets ang pows from them. It was a very tired journey for me when we came back home maybe because i had too much of eat and drinks at my father's relatives house as well as hot sunny day. Later at night, all my friends from pinkies and farahnatics forumers as well as celebrity guest, Farah and her boyfriend Dr. Fariz Yahya came to my house for visiting. I have always enjoy every single time to spend with them when they came as we chat, playing poker games together and also took photos together. Thanks for all of them who came, hope they will come again in 2008 chinese new year. At the 2nd day of chinese new year, I went to my mother's relative house in Raub (my mother's hometown) with my family as usual for visiting. I feel I don't want to talk more about that because more and more visiting. Before the end, I would like to wish my family, friends and relatives happy chinese new year and gong xi fa cai. May this year of the boar brings them more fortune and prosperity. :)

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Me, my friend, and farahnatics wish you all Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!


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