Monday, February 12, 2007

Inter Fan Club Futsal Competition

Yesterday morning, i went to Ampang Sports Planet for the inter fan club competition. The morning weather was so hot and makes me feel tired to reach there. There are 8 teams to take part for the futsal such as Farahnatics, Jacsville, Supersukis, Rockensteiners, Rentak Sejuta, Pinkies, PMF, and MyNita. I represent the team of Farahnatics and they drawn against MyNita, Pinkies, and Rentak Sejuta in the group. During the futsal, our farahnatics lost to MyNita 2-4, won Pinkies 3-0, and lost to Rentak Sejuta 1-2. It was a close fight but I have learn some fighting experience because my first time for futsal. The champion of the futsal tournament is Rentak Sejuta and I congratulate them that truly deserved to be champ. After the tournement, I went to the same nasi kandar restaurant for lunch at Ampang Park for the second time since after the farah's birthday bash also went there for dinner. During the lunch, we just chit chat and took photos as usual. After that, I went back home for rest. Overall, it was a great futsal match and I will try another shot for the next futsal tournament.

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Me cheering for Farahnatics when they play against MyNita

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Team farahnatics after the competition


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