Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Multicultural night

Yes, I am back again!!! Currently, I have just completed the 3 assignments all together yesterday, so I feel very relief that everything has done and it is time for me to update my blog. Now, I write about the event that happened last month and two weeks before merdeka. Yes, it is the multicultural night that held in APIIT college every year during the start of merdeka month. This was the first time I attend in conjunction with the 50th independence day. During the event, there's a lucky draw for those who attended as well as traditional fashion show, and also multicultural music that performed by students from different race, different country. When some of the music like samba dance, indian dance, and african dance, everyone would dance together and feel enjoy themselves during the most prestigous college event. The multicultural dance ends at 11 something, and I went home with the full of joy and happiness.

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The host of the event at the stage, I took it from level 2 floor corridor

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This nigerian man painted with his country flag looks cool with his sunglasses and green sarung. The way he walk through the stage like a robot. Haha..

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When he reach the stage, he do like a statue but sometimes he move his hand. Quite funny the way he did on the stage like doing dancing style that shown above. Even some local and foreign student took photo with him. I am very impressed with the Nigerian man who loves to entertain the crowd.


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