Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Yeah...i am now on semester holiday after i just finish my final exam last friday. Right now, I focus on 2 contest that involves cash prize during my semester holiday. One is FIABCI Property Contest, another one is Happy 50 contest. These 2 contest ends on july, so wish me luck for me compete the 2 contests. Oh yeah, another thing is yesterday night I went to speedy music and video CD store at IOI Mall to look for Farah's album. Her album was great, and awesome and I like the songs very much. Very looking forward for her album launching soon. :)

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This is the Farah's album look like.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Farah's grand wedding

Last night, I was invited to Farah's family house for her grand wedding with Dr. Fariz Yahya. Before that, I went to Catherine's house to fetch her and Emily with my car before i reach Farah's family house. When i reach the destination, I saw her house very grand with very nice wedding decoration. A lot of celebrites from OIAM and MI, forummers from rentak sejuta, jacsville, and farahnatics attended the grand party and also many foods as well. Have to take a long time to que to get the food. After the dinner, we all took photos with the married couple, as well as chatting with the guests. After that, i went home tired about 12. Overall, the wedding was fun and weather was hot as well. I wish Kak Farah and Abg Fariz a happy wedding couple and wish they always happily ever after. I can't wait for Farah's brand new album as well which will released very soon. Out.

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the couch where the married couple bersanding

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Farah and Fariz at the couch

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the arrival of married couple

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the cutting cake

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the makan gang part 1 :)

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the makan gang part 2 :)

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Abg Fariz and me

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Me with the married couple, Abg Fariz and Kak Farah

Friday, May 11, 2007

Lucky escape

During the evening, I was driving home from college. When i have to drive on the emergency lane when i saw the lorry drove slower on the front road, suddenly I saw 2 policemen on the other lane next to my car trying to stop me and I stopped my car in the emergency lane. Not only that, I also realise that i forgot to put the safety belt while i drive. I am so worried because i know the summons will be quite high if i break 2 things i should follow. At first, the police used to summon me RM300 for drive in the emergency lance, and RM70 for not wearing safety belt. So all together RM370. But since they both know that i am just a college student, they give me another chance for not to summon me and tell me how much i able to pay to them. So I give only RM30 and they accepted. After I paid RM30, they advice me not to do that again. And I really thank for them give me another chance and understand my situation. I was very lucky and promise not to break the road law for my entire life.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weekend special

I am back!!! First of all, i want to thanks all my friends and family who wishes happy birthday to me last wednesday, I turned 22 on May 2. Unfortunately there was no birthday joy for me, as I have to complete two college assignments in one week starts with a day after my birthday until today. Pretty hectic and now i feel relief that the assignment mission has completed. So right now, I am looking forward for this weekend special. Yeah, its Farah's wedding this weekend!!! Congrats to her and also her bf, Dr Fariz!!!! Can't wait for that and sure a lots of celebrities will attend, hehehehe....!!!!! Gonna take more pics for that event!! :) Ok, tat's all. Hope for more updates to come.