Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Worst Night Of First Spectaculars

Last night, it was the most shocking results to date as of of my two favourites, Trish & Atilia, are the first two to be voted out of the competition. What the hell is this happening?? Why are these two eliminated? Why not Ash and Ejay? Why?!!! Because of you, Malaysia!!!! I know some of you people who forgot to vote for them. Even reminds me of Sufiah and Nikki last season as they voted out early. I feel that there are more surprises will happen again in the following week. Sigh.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Coffee Bean in Bangsar

During the afternoon, I went to Coffee Bean in Bangsar to have an appointment with Dennis Chua from Malay Mail, Sufiah from MI1 and most surprisingly Deja Moss. That was great because this is the first time i meet Deja Moss. Sufiah said that she want to wish all the finalists this year all the best and more importantly don't be so stress when they perform. That's all about the story. Ciao.

MI2: 1st Spectaculars

Today's article in The Star:
Life after Malaysian Idol

As things heat up in the quest for the second Malaysian Idol, there is much speculation whether the reality TV show is truly a platform for creating pop stars. Well, let’s take a look at how well last year’s Idols are doing. Of the 12, seven, including Jaclyn Victor, have landed record deals.

The runner-up in last year’s competition is expected to release her album soon. The first single, Cinta Datang Lagi, has already been receiving airplay. The album to be released by Nature Records features some of the top names in the industry – Johan Nawawi, Audi Mok, Cat of Ruffedge, Aidit Alfian, Almeer and Azlan Abu Hassan – who are the producers of the album.

It has been a hectic time for Dina. Apart from recording, she has also performed throughout the country while pursuing her degree in Performing Arts at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

He made it through to the final five and clinched a deal with SonyBMG, the same recording company that signed Jaclyn. Saiful’s album, which was released last week, features award-winning composers and lyricists such as Azlan Abu Hassan, Yassin, Zul Mahat, Sharon Paul, Edrie Hashim, Pacai and Mohariz Yaakup.

She landed an album with InterGlobal Music and is in the middle of compiling songs. Sufiah is happy to take her time. The pop/jazz album, produced by 8TV’s chief operating officer Ahmad Izham Omar, is going to be a niche album. “It’s a new concept,” said Sufiah. “It’s going to be pop with jazz influence.”

The last couple of months have been busy for Sufiah who recently completed a road tour with the other Idols and has performed at various corporate shows. Sufiah was one of the first two to be eliminated at last year’s Malaysian Idol. To the first two who will have to leave the competition this week, Sufiah has this to offer: “If you have faith and are a true musician, you will last long. But if you are in it for fun, then you have to start focusing.”

To the final 11, Sufiah advised: “Do your best but enjoy yourself because I didn’t. I was so stressed.”

Rydee had a tumultuous journey during last year’s competition. She was a last minute addition at several stages during the competition. But she made an early exit after two spectacular performances.

That disappointment, however, is behind her. She has a record deal with NSR and is now getting songs for her album. “If you are eliminated early, don’t give up,” she said. “Just sing your heart out and believe in yourself. You deserve to be where you are.”

Her album, which features all original songs, will be an R&B album but the concept is not going to be “too urban”. It will include ballads, jazz and blues.

Vick who was one of the final three landed a role in the independent Chinese film, Nephesh Seed, early this year. Shooting for the horror flick is expected to begin in October. “I play the brother of the leading actress,” he said. “It is a character that is very much like me, so it’s like playing myself.”

The film, directed by Michael Chuah, tells the story of a single mother who watches fearfully as her young son starts communicating with a shadowy figure in their new home. Acting aside, Vick will also be signing up with NSR soon. ”I am currently writing all the songs. It’s going to be a Chinese album.” He is also writing the theme song for the movie, which is likely to be featured in the album as well.

No official word from Ning and Associates, whom Nikki is signed with, but she has been seen with Ning Baizura on numerous occasions, pointing to the fact that she is likely being groomed by the diva.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Wildcard show results

The wildcard show results are in! And the next two contestants to join the other 9 finalists are:
1) Azam
2) Adam

Congratulations to both of them. Here are the 11 finalists this season.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

MI2: Wildcard show prediction

This Friday show is quite unpredictable.There are 6
contestants for Wildcard,all get a second chance
to impress us.There are
Fauzi,Adam,Lisa,Azam,Aesar and Kash.The
viewers will pick 1 contestant and then the judges
will pick 1,and there will be 11 finalists.

I predict the viewer's pick will be Lisa and the
judges' pick will be Adam.

I look forward for the show.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Final Exam Week

This week is my busy week as I am now prepared for my final exam in my final semester in foundation. So I hope that I can do well in my exam this time and get good grades so that I have a very bright future. And Kak Sufiah, thanks for your support because you are the one that make me feel confident on my exam and I am so appericiate it.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

MI Workshop 3 results: Daniel, Farah & Trisha in the final 10

The MI 3 workshop 3 results was expected as Daniel, Farah & Trisha make it to the top 10. Next week is going to be very interesting as 15 contestants who didn't make it to the next round will have a chance to prove themseelves to win the public's vote, which i think is very fair. But only 6 will be chosen instead of 15 to perform in the stage. So, all the best, guys. This is your only chance!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

MI Workshop 2: E-Jay go to final 10

Last Sunday's workshop results was great as one of my favourite contestant E-Jay has the top 3 highest vote to go to final 10. Congratulations to her. But she needs to perform better in the spectaculars especially her vocals. So despite her bad performance in workshop, i gave her a second chance to her so that she can be a very good singer on day. Good luck in the spectaculars, E-Jay.